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'Hate is not innate. Hate is a missed opportunity to educate.'

If humans are more connected today than ever before and have access to more information, why are we growing farther apart faster than ever?

One reason is that we are not effectively engaging the entirety of our community, the people of the nation of Israel, in an exciting, innovative and inclusive way. 

That's why we're excited to team up with Torah scholar and one the foremost experts on the Lost Tribes, Rabbi Harry Rozenberg, Kavanah Films and activist /influencer Rudy Rochman, known for his work as a Jewish & Israel rights activist with over 100,000 followers worldwide on social media.

We Were Never Lost - support film Logo

"We Were Never Lost" will become one of the most revolutionary and controversial docuseries that will inspire, empower and open the door to connecting millions of people to one another. 


The questions, "Who are the Jewish people?" and "Why does Israel have a right to exist?" will be answered in a way that relates to today's cultural climate and start us on the return of what we’ve always called ‘The Lost Jews.’


But to them…they say, “We Were Never Lost.”

never again displaced.
Never again afraid.
never again weak.
never again lost.

eventually we will unite and transcend.

This is the time.

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